Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmations

Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmations

I am looking forward to the release of the combo vinylmation figure set this August 8th in Disneyworld and Disney!


 Usually vinys are sold in blind boxes, where you pay one price ($12.95 is a common price), and you get one random figurine.
This set is being sold as a combo, which means that you will buy a mystery box and that box will come with one topper.
Mickey and Minnie shown above are toppers, and one of them comes with every single combo box that you buy.¬† You can buy a box with Mickey OR Minnie on it, but when it comes to what’s inside, you won’t know what you get until your purchase the set and open the box!
There are four vinylmations that can be in the Haunted Mansion Mickey and Gang Vinylmations set, and they are shown here:




Which one’s your favorite?
I am not a vinylmation collector, but I do love the Haunted Mansion so I will be buying at least one box!

Each combo box will retail for $24.95 and contain two vinylmations; the known topper (Mickey or Minnie), and a random “mystery” vinyl.

You can find them for sale starting August 8th in the D-Street Disney gift shop in Downtown Disney Florida, and California!

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