Frozen Headquarters; Walt Disney World

Frozen Headquarters; Walt Disney World

If you’re planning a Disney family vacation to Disneyworld in Florida, and you have a Frozen fan in your group then you will want to know where to find Frozen items for sale.

Did you know that Frozen items are not scattered around the Disney World gift shops?  There is one store that is the “Frozen” headquarters, and that store is in Disney’s Magic Kingdom!
Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland is the place to go for anything “Frozen” themed!  Located directly behind Cinderella’s Castle, it’s a small, and busy store.
Of course merchandise availability changes daily, but here are some items we found during a visit in July.
I really liked these girl’s Anna and Elsa tank tops with velco detachable capes!  Kids love them because it’s like dressing up, and parents like them because it’s practical!


Rice Crispy treats (shown above), are yummy, and Olaf is super cute!  The Blue Raspberry lollipop featuring Anna and Elsa is yummy too!



Light up icicle wands, Elsa headphones, and even a journal!  It seems as if every time we stop by Sir Mickey’s there’s something new!


If you will be shopping for Frozen souvenirs on your next Disney vacation good luck!  I hope you find what you’re searching for!

Now that you know the location of the Frozen headquarters in the Disney Parks you should have better luck shopping!

Anna dresses have regularly been available, but Elsa dresses are still very elusive, and rarely seen for sale in the Disney Parks.  Hopefully that will change in the near future!