Finally! Pet Merchandise Returning to Disney Parks!

Finally! Pet Merchandise Returning to Disney Parks!

Years ago you could find Disney pet items for sale in your favorite Disney World gift shop, but sadly they were discontinued.

For years and years guests have been asking, “Where’s the pet products?” and finally we can say they’re coming back!
In 2015 “Disney Tails” will be coming to Disney gift shops in Disneyworld and Disneyland!  The line was announced to be small, but I’m crossing my fingers it will grow!
I know I love my doggies and kitties, and I love shopping for them!  So far there has been one photo released of the items that will be coming, and my favorite (surprise surprise), is the Haunted Mansion velcro neck accessory!!

What’s your favorite item above?  The water or food bowl featuring Mickey and his pet Pluto, or the Mickey Ice Cream Bar chew toy?

I can’t wait for the release of these adorable and fun new Disney Pet items next year, and I’m crossing my fingers for some other cool items too!
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  1. That Mickey Ice Cream is a squeak toy?!! I am so happy to see Disney pet products coming back! I can't wait to go shopping on my next trip. 🙂

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