Disney Pins – Pin Collection – Pin Trading – Disney Pin Videos

Disney Pins – Pin Collection – Pin Trading – Disney Pin Videos

When a family or couple goes to Disney for vacation, you can guarantee they will buy something from one of the many gift shops or stores located around the Walt Disney World parks and resorts.

Now imagine the number of people who choose a Disney trading pin as a souvenir.
It is the perfect item for man or woman, young or old, experienced trader or new memory maker.

Disney pin collecting has been around since the beginning of the history of the Walt Disney Company and it’s merchandise. The pins were made to collect and wear as jewelry, and not until the year 2000 were pins actually traded in the Parks.

The Jumbo Disney pin above is mine and it shows you just how gorgeous pins can be. This makes them highly addictive, you just want to purchase more and more.

The good thing about that is they never loose their value, if you decide to stop collecting you can always sell your pins on eBay. 🙂

If you are looking to buy real scrapper-free pins, I can refer a great online pin store to you.
Check out EverythingMouseyPins.com to shop hundreds of pins for sale.

Don’t forget to order Traders (pins you bring with you to the Disney parks for trading with cast members). You and your kids will want to experience pin trading while on vacation so order ahead of time and save loads of money.

You can get 10 pin lots, pins that are guaranteed real and not fake, for way cheaper than buying them in the Disney world parks and resorts, just click here if you are interested in pin lots.

Do you want to see for yourself? There are Pin Trading videos on YouTube that show you all kinds of things like pin shopping hauls, pin opening videos, people showing their own pin collections, ect.

Thanks! Elizabeth Donoho